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Everyone needs Coffi

Start the day off right with Coffi! Go to our Drink and Food section to get a quick look at what we have to offer! We have fresh, locally roasted, coffee and made to order Blintz! Addicted to Coffi? Check out the Shop and About Us section and become a fully roasted Coffi bean! Don't forget to stay up to date on our social media or contact us personally on our Contact Us page for any questions. Enjoy your Coffi knowing it is made with love<3 

coffi food!.jpg

Coffi Drinks

Our beverage menu (hot/Iced)

12oz (priced as is) / 16oz +$1.00

(All prices include sales tax)

House Coffee - $2.50


Au Lait + $0.50

This is our signature blend roasted by our friends at The Exquisite Corpse located in Downtown Port Huron! just for you! It is a medium/Dark, Columbian/Papua New Guinea, taste tested to perfection. This is my perfect cup of coffee<3 If you like a little hot milk in your coffee, try a Cafe Au Lait!

Single Espresso - $1.50


Americano $2.50


Black Hole $3.00

Our espresso is also roasted with love by our friends at The Exquisite Corpse! This beautiful Columbian is perfect by itself or make it a smooth americano with some hot water!  In need a of a big boost to start your day? add espresso to your coffee! we call it...a black hole! make your black hole super massive with an extra shot on top for only $0.50 extra!

Cappuccino - $3.00


Add Honey Syrup +$1.00

fluff up your espresso with some frothy milk foam! simple and delicious! Remember, the only difference between a latte and cappuccino is all that foam! (Tasha is the queen of foam!)

Latte - $3.00


Add Honey Syrup+ $1.00


Chai Latte

Float on a cloud of perfectly frothed milk with a hint of espresso. The natural sweetness of the milk, makes for a great morning treat! More of a tea lover, our loose leaf vanilla chai is brewed as a concentrate and cut with water and honey to make a beautiful spiced alternative to the traditional espresso latte. Add our homemade honey syrups for more naturally sweet goodness! our honey syrup flavors are...

  • Butter Rum

  • Caramel

  • Seasonal 

  • Lavender 

  • Mocha

  • Peanut Butter

  • Vanilla

  • ​Brown Sugar Spice(vegan)

Tea - $2.50


Earl Grey




Herbal (Focus Pocus)

Not a coffee drinker? Have some beautifully selected we picked out just for you! Our Earl Grey is served hot or cold. our iced tea is cold brewed, which is a process where the tea is brewed without every being exposed to heat, leaving the acidity, so you can enjoy all the flavor notes without the bitter.




Hot Cocoa - $3.00


House-made honey ice cream - $2.00 (served on its own or add to any drink to make it a float!)

looking for a treat without the extra buzz? Our traditional cocoa is great for any occasion! try our iced cocoa on those hot summer days!

Our seasonal caffeine-free beverages change with the seasons. We think every time of year deserves its own twist as a tasty cafe treat! 


Coffi Breakfast

Ends at 11am

(All prices include sales tax)




Savory - Canadian bacon, cheddar cheese filling, topped with sour cream and green onion!

Sweet - Berry puree and yogurt filling, topped with more berry puree, yogurt, and blueberries!.

Blintzes have been in the family for generations and now we want to share it with you! These beauties are very thin, egg and flour based, Russian pancakes. The blintz is stuffed with either a savory or sweet option! Cheap, tasty, addicting! you can't just have one! 

muffin pic.jpg





Changes weekly

Expect Blueberry, Chocolate, or Cream Cheese as our options. 

Want a quick snack on the fly? grab a muffin with your coffee or a sweet treat after your breakfast!




Your choice of Protein: sausage, bacon, or ham

Flour Tortilla, egg, American cheese, onion, Cholula

Classic, affordable, and delicious, these bundles of goodness are a quick, on-the-go, breakfast option for anyone to enjoy!


Bagel Options

Plain Bagel - $2.00

Add Cream Cheese - $1.00

Add Peanut Butter - $0.50

Add Berry Puree - $1.00

Breafast sandwich - $5.00

Your choice of protein: sausage, bacon, or ham.

Keep it simple with a plain bagel, toasted, with a side of spread!

Our breakfast sandwich is stacked! Starting with a plain bagel and top it with egg, bacon, ham, or sausage, and American cheese.


GF Options


Banana Boat - A quartered banana topped with yogurt, berry puree, blueberries, and GF granola!


Coffi Classic - Hashbrown patty, choice of bacon, sausage, or ham, and Scrambled egg topped with American cheese!

No problem! Try our take on a parfait with our Banana Boat or a Coffi Classic!


Sales tax included in price

Lunch available at 11am



Smash burgers

Our smash burgers consist of a single 3oz patty, lettuce, american cheese, our house made blend called "The Sauce", and a sesame bun!

Single Smash = $5.00

Big Skip Combo = $10.00

(single smash, fries, and fountain drink)

Extra Patty = +$2.00


Soup, Salad, and Side

Our soup and sides options change seasonally and with the weather! Stop in and add these refreshing sides to your order!



all soups and sides are made in house! 

Soup changes weekly, while salads are seasonal.

Patriotic Hot Dog

Hot Dogs

Our dogs are a perfect lunch option for a quick bite on the go! Make it a Skipper Combo with fries and a fountain drink!

Hot Dog = $2.50

Add "The Sauce" = $0.25

Skipper combo = $7.50

(Hot dog, Fries, Fountain soda)

French Fries


These straight cut, made-to-order, fries are always hot and fresh! They come lightly salted and fried to perfection!

Fries = $3.50

All combos include fries except for the Deli Combo, which you can upgrade your side to fries instead of chips for +$2.00


Deli Wraps

Deli wraps are a quick and easy lunch for someone on the fly!

  • Ham & American

  • Turkey & American

  • PB&J with Banana

  • Hummus

$4.00 a piece

$7.50 Combo

(Wrap, Chips, fountain soda)

All wraps are on a flour tortilla and come with lettuce, except the PB&J with banana.

Hummus wrap - Traditional hummus, lettuce, onion, and cucumber.

About Us

About Us

For the Love of Coffi

Todd Bailey and myself(Tasha Kramarenko) have been in the service industry for over 10 years, both of us coming from different paths in the industry allowed us to come together and use our expertise to make something we both love, Coffi. Todd managed kitchens while I managed cafes, both of us have hit the ceiling in our career options, so we thought it was time to make something of our own. Before Coffi, Todd and I met and worked at the beloved Raven Cafe in Port Huron. It didn't take long for us to realized that we clicked and had an instant connection. After a few years of working together and being romantic partners, we knew we wanted to start something together. Coffi represents both of our passions in the industry and the love we have for each other. We also get a lot of love from our friends and the community, which allows us to team up and provide local products like beautifully roasted coffee out of The Exquisite Corpse and unique loose leaf teas from Earth's Natural Herbals. Coffi wouldn't exist without love, because Coffi is made with love<3

Contact Us

Contact Us

Check our calendar below to find your cup of Coffi<3


Coffi Shop

The Coffi shop is located on RedBubble! Visit the link and be transported to everything Coffi! We recommend clicking on "Explore Designs" to get a full product selection! we offer our full logo or our Coffi Cup designs!

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